28 August 2013

What I've learned while growing a baby

I'm due to give birth in early December this year. The past 6 months have been full of the most profound growth, humbling and letting go I've experienced in my life so far. The ultimate, extended yoga practice. Here are some things I've learned:

  • Everything happens exactly as it is meant to, exactly WHEN it is meant to.
  • Pregnancy forces you to honour the cycles of nature, and the cycles of your body.
  • In every moment, accept what is. Suffering comes only from resistance. When you yield to the wave the universe has sent, it supports you wholeheartedly.
  • Try to honour what you need in each moment, cry when you need to, be alone when you need to, sleep when you need to, hormones can be a wild ride.
  • Naps are highly beneficial.
  • It's a good idea to adequately nourish yourself and your baby through diet, sunshine, movement and sleep.
  • Food is just energy - there is no good food or bad food - only your beliefs about it. Eat what you enjoy until you are satisfied. Your body will balance the details.
  • Keeping your spine aligned and healthy through a modality of your choice is a good idea for a comfortable pregnancy and easier labour. Chiropractors work miracles.
  • Midwife run hospital clinics are a lot more accommodating, holistic and anti-intervention than I ever gave them credit for.
  • Prenatal yoga is highly beneficial. Overstretching is highly damaging and causes instability that is hard to reverse. It's important to find a teacher who understands this and can guide you safely through your pregnancy journey.
  • Birth art sounds woo-woo, but it is extremely helpful if you wish to attempt natural labour.
  • Our babies choose us for the experiences and lessons they need to learn in this life. They come when they are ready.
  • There is no good time or bad time to fall in love. It happens always at the perfect time.
  • Parents are not born through biology, they are born through loving, supporting, nurturing and protecting a child.

Your thoughts?

01 May 2013

Choice vs. Chance

'Fork In The Road' - artist Unknown

 As someone who practices yoga, over time I've come to first learn, then accept and then live the philosophies that you hear in many classes.

'Everything happens for a reason, even if you can't join the dots now, all will make sense.'
'Everything is perfect in this moment, it's only in the past and future that we suffer.'
'What you resist, persists.'
'Your only job in life is to trust, surrender, allow and enjoy.'

I've also been fortunate to work for a company that values goal setting and actively choosing the life you want and have been exposed to many ways to live on this side of the coin.

A beautiful fusion of these philosophies is when you are inspired from your heart in a direction and the universe conspires to align things to present you with the opportunities to achieve your vision. Choice WITH Chance (or the will of the universe) makes for an experience where you feel like you are on the right track, you are in flow, you are abundant - this is a beautiful place to live from.

The dilemma comes when these two philosophies meet in opposition. Choice vs. Chance (or the will of the universe). What happens when you have a clear vision for an outcome you are chasing that feels inspired from your heart, but then the universe enters with other plans? The marathon runner preparing for world games who loses his legs in a car accident. The wedding between soul mates that is cancelled after the bride's parents were murdered, never to see their daughter's wedding day. The successful magazine journalist who's career is high tailed by her battle with terminal cancer.

Sometimes life deals out hard pills to swallow that are in a direction that feels opposite to where you were choosing to head. You feel like you are being punished, that you were on the wrong track all along, that you are now confused of your purpose and identity, you lose the motivation to move forward.

There are two options from this place.
  • Choose Choice - you cling to your active choice to pursue the life that you chose, seeing this new information as simply a test of how much you want it. Nothing worth having is without challenge. And this is bound to be a big challenge, you prepare to struggle and earn your stripes.
  • Choose Chance - you take a deep breath, trust, relinquish control and allow your outcome to be what lies before you. Adapting your path and staying open to your 'purpose' perhaps being something you would never have discovered without this curve ball.
It is possible to feel in flow, abundant, grateful and at ease regardless of what life presents to you. This possibility lies in the ability to allow, let go, surrender and trust. Without these qualities, life seems hard, unfair and it feels impossible to reach your 'true potential'.

Changing your mindset to trust that everything that happens in your life is guiding you closer to your true purpose and closer to love - there are no accidents - every heartache is a lesson you NEED to get where you are going and without it you would be ill prepared.

Your journey is unique. There is no one path way that is 'right', regardless of what we believe.

Trust that your life is ever unfolding, exactly as it needs to, the highs, the lows and the curveballs so that you CAN achieve your life's purpose on this earth, whatever that is.

There are no accidents.

Love Jess xx

12 October 2012

Embracing the unknown

It's easy to trust the universe when your life is in apparent order, you have a direction you feel comfortable with and you know where you stand in relation to your goals and the people in your life. It's even still possible to trust the universe when the direction you think you're heading isn't favorable, your relationships lack trust and intimacy and your goals seem a million miles away.

23 June 2012

What if we all see different colours?

What if we all see different colours? What if I look at something and know it to be 'green' and you look at the same thing and actually see something different, maybe you see what I know to be 'red' but through language we named this 'thing' 'green' - and therefore called it so forever. We go through life thinking we see the same thing as each other, when in fact we may all see different colours and call them the same.

16 May 2012

Open your heart, speak your truth

For the past 3 months or so I've had a rash on my neck in the shape of a small circle right on my throat. An intuitive friend said in passing she thought it had to do with my throat chakra. This immediately made sense to me - the throat chakra governs the thyroid gland and more importantly the aspects of expressing and receiving.